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Elle James
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When his Delta Force team is sent to tumultuous Turkey to protect the American Embassy from a distance, undercover. Craig "Bull" Bullington is assigned inside the embassy to provide intelligence and protect the ambassador's daughter, acting as her American fiance. As the daughter of a Turkish mother and the American ambassador to Turkey, Layla Gray, knows her place, but refuses to stand by and do nothing about injustices toward women in her mother's country. Hosting dignitaries by day, she runs covert operations at night to free women captured to be sold into the sex trade. Having a bodyguard assigned to her cramps her style and she chafes at the constraints. After her enemies compromise her cover, all hell breaks loose, and Layla's life is on the line. Bull is forced to break from his team and go rogue in order to get Layla out of the country alive.

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Troy and gabriella have separate worlds- gabriella is a geek and troy is a sports guy- but their worlds collide through the music and beauty of the song. They just want to be together, break free from everyone else and soar.