Druid's Sword

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Sara Douglass
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AS HITLER UNLEASHES HIS BOMBS ON LONDON, ANOTHER, MORE ANCIENT,TERROR EMERGES.It is the early days of the Second World War. Grace, daughter of Asterion and Noah, remains bound in agony to Catling, her wrists cruelly scarred by the otherworldly restraints. There are none, it seems, who can help Grace. Certainly not her mother or father. Jack Skelton, Brutus-reborn and the love of Noah's life, is the only one able to break through Grace's carefully constructed barriers.And while Genvissa-reborn and Coel-reborn attempt to identify exactly how to deal with the grip of a malevolent troy Game, a killer stalks the streets of London creating terror upon terror as the bombers shadow the land.Druid's Sword is the final stunning instalment of The troy Game, a fabulous labyrinthine journey through the secrets of the ancient world. to enter the troy Game is to enter the imagination of one of the world's greatest storytellers in this epic series spanning 3000 years and the story of an incomparable city - London.PRAISE FOR THE BOOKS OF THE TROY GAME:'a dark, pitch-perfect finale' Publishers Weekly.'addictively readable... a very big, very entertaining book' The Age.'a vast feat of the imagination' Sydney Morning Herald.

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