Void All The Way Down

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Stephen Hunt
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VOID ALL THE WAY DOWN (The Sliding Void Omnibus) This is the Sliding Void Omnibus edition, comprising three novellas: Sliding Void, Transference Station, and Red Sun Bleeding.DESCRIPTION Captain Lana Fiveworlds has a hell of a lot of problems. She's sliding void in an ageing seven-hundred-year-old space ship, scrabbling around the edges of civilised space trying to find a cargo lucrative enough to pay her bills without proving so risky that it'll kill her. She's got an alien religious freak for a navigator, an untrustworthy android for a first mate, a disgraced lizard for a trade negotiator and a deserter from the fleet acting as her chief engineer. And that was well before an ex-crewman turns up wanting Lana to rescue a barbarian prince from a long-failed colony world. Unfortunately for Lana, the problems she doesn't know about are even more dangerous. In fact, they just might be enough to destroy Lana's rickety but much-loved vessel, the Gravity Rose, and jettison her and her crew into the void without a spacesuit. But there's one thing you can never tell an independent space trader. That's the odds...ABOUT THE AUTHOR Stephen Hunt is the creator of the much-loved 'Far-called' fantasy series (Gollancz/Hachette), as well as the 'Jackelian' series, published across the world via HarperCollins alongside their other best-selling fantasy authors, George R.R. Martin, J.R.R. Tolkien, Raymond E. Feist and C.S. Lewis.REVIEWS Praise for Stephen Hunt's novels: 'Mr. Hunt takes off at racing speed.' - THE WALL STREET JOURNAL 'Hunt's imagination is probably visible from space. He scatters concepts that other writers would mine for a trilogy like chocolate-bar wrappers.' - TOM HOLT 'All manner of bizarre and fantastical extravagance.' - DAILY MAIL 'Compulsive reading for all ages.' - GUARDIAN 'Studded with invention.' -THE INDENDENT 'To say this book is action packed is almost an understatement... a wonderful escapist yarn!' - INTERZONE 'Hunt has packed the story full of intriguing gimmicks... affecting and original.' - PUBLISHERS WEEKLY 'A rip-roaring Indiana Jones-style adventure.' -RT BOOK REVIEWS 'A curious part-future blend.' - KIRKUS REVIEWS 'An inventive, ambitious work, full of wonders and marvels.' - THE TIMES 'Hunt knows what his audience like and gives it to them with a sardonic wit and carefully developed tension.' - TIME OUT 'A ripping yarn ... the story pounds along... constant inventiveness keeps the reader hooked... the finale is a cracking succession of cliffhangers and surprise comebacks. Great fun.' - SFX MAGAZINE 'Put on your seatbelts for a frenetic cat and mouse encounter... an exciting tale.' - SF REVUFORMAT Omnibus - Includes three previously novellas. Part 1 - Sliding Void Part 2 - Transference Station Part 3 - Red Sun BleedingAGE ADVISORY Age 13+ - mild violence and language.READ THIS BOOK IF YOU LIKE THESE AUTHORS... Douglas Adams Neal Asher Iain M. Banks Jack Campbell David Drake Orson Scott Card James S.A. Corey Evan Currie Peter F. Hamilton Ric Locke Dan Simmons Charles Stross David WeberGENRES Science fiction (space opera) Adventure (scifi)

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