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The Scorsolini Marriage Bargain – Lucy MonroePrince Claudio Scorsolini's future wife must make a suitable figurehead for his people and provide him with an heir. Claudio's convenient union with Therese is hailed a success: his subjects have fallen in love with her and she's performed her duties in the bedroom – to Claudio's immense satisfaction.However, Therese has secretly fallen in love with her husband. How can their marriage survive when she knows she can never give Claudio a child?Expectant Princess, Unexpected Affair – Michelle CelmerHe'd danced with her on a dare, but Samuel Baldwin had seduced Princess Anne to quench his own desire. Chipping away at Anne's icy demeanour had been pure pleasure...until he discovered their passion–filled night had left him responsible for one pregnant princess.He was set to be the country's next prime minister and marrying a royal would mean an end to his career. But duty was etched deep in Sam's bones and their wedding would take place. After making such a sacrifice, would this groom's heart ever thaw?Royal Holiday Baby – Leanne BanksValentina Devereaux had always been the good girl, the model princess – not the one getting mixed up in tabloid scandals. But one carefree night with charming Texan Zachary Logan had changed everything. Now her main responsibility was not to the throne, but to her unborn child...With Zach, Valentina felt she could put down her tiara and just be herself. But the rancher had a dark secret – one that threatened any chance of happily ever after. Could the American cowboy be her true Prince Charming? Or was she risking it all for a royal heartbreak?

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