The Floating Outfit 48

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J.T. Edson
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Can the Ysabel Kid keep his bet with the others of the Floating Outfit and keep out of trouble? When the young newcomer to the town of Wet Slim discovered that Mavis Dearington had been kidnapped, he knew it was imperative that the ransom be paid. For Ramon Peraro, the bandido's leader, would then honor the girl's safe return—unharmed. But no money would mean an unpleasant death... Learning that Mavis' uncle was gathering a force of men to cross the border into Mexico to try and rescue her, the newcomer knew there was not the slightest hope of them succeeding without causing an international incident. There was only one way to prevent such a foolish attempt—cross the border and rescue the girl himself! An impossibly dangerous mission for one man pitted against a ruthless gang of bandidos ... except when the man in question was the Ysabel Kid!

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