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Ally Blake, Jennie Adams
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Wanted: Outback Wife – Ally BlakeWhen Jodie Simpson met her long–lost sister, Louise Valentine, she didn't realise the biggest adventure of her life was about to begin. With her visa about to expire and desperate to stay in Australia, Jodie has a plan...she'll marry for convenience!Jodie is offering a one–year marriage, with no strings attached. So why does sexy cattle rancher Heath Jameson, who is almost certainly looking for a long–term wife, want to marry her? Heath seems so sure – and so handsome – that Jodie takes the plunge. Only to fall for a convenient husband who seems to be running from the ghosts of his past...Daycare Mum To Wife – Jennie AdamsBusinessman Dan Frazier had his hands full with five children. Constantly juggling diapers with deadlines was taking its toll. Nanny Jess Baker, aka miracle worker, couldn't have stepped in at a better time! Even with a baby of her own, Jess seems to work magic. She cooks real food, finds the bottom of the laundry pile and organises family days out.Surely things are perfect? Until the warmth between Dan and Jess sparks into something more, testing the resolve of two hearts stubbornly trying to stay single...

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