Only the Cat Knows

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Marian Babson
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A man infiltrates a tycoon's castle to find out who pushed his sister down a flight of stairs in this "enjoyable Gothic mystery that keeps you guessing" (Kirkus Reviews). Vance is an experienced female impersonator, so when his beloved twin sister, Vanessa, winds up in a coma after a suspicious fall, he has a unique way to investigate. Using her clothes and makeup-and his striking resemblance to his twin-he works his way into the remote castle of Vanessa's wealthy employer, along with a harem of other women. With help from a doctor, Vance poses as an amnesiac Vanessa and is able to fool everyone-with the exception of his sister's Angora cat. But will his masquerade be successful long enough for him to solve the mystery-before someone else tries to finish the job? "Diverting . . . will keep readers' attention." -Publishers Weekly "Marian Babson's name on a mystery is a guarantee of quality writing wrapped around an unusual crime." -Houston Chronicle

So when someone pushes Vanessa down a flight of stairs and puts her into a coma, Vance wants revenge. He decides that masquerading as Vanessa will lead him to the villain.

... Only one thing really worries him: Gloriana, Vanessa's beautiful Angora cat who regards her "mistress" with a dark suspicion. If the cat can't be won over, then the whole deadly charade will fall apart.