A Fine Specimen

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Lisa Marie Rice
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A beautiful scholar studies a tough-as-nails cop--what can go wrong? Tough-as-nails police lieutenant Alex Cruz is all business and all brawn. Cops and criminals alike tremble before him, which is just the way he likes it. He has to be harder than the hardest criminals to root the bad guys out of his city. Then his boss forces him to work with a scholar who is studying dominance in law enforcement. Alex doesn't have time to babysit a pencil-dick geek writing a useless dissertation. He's busy doing real police work. Putting bad guys behind bars. But when the pencil-dick geek turns out to be the scholarly but gorgeous and alluring Caitlin Summers, Alex realizes that the only thing he wants trembling is Caitlin . . . . naked, and beneath him. The minute Caitlin lays eyes on the smoldering, charismatic Alex, she knows that focusing on her dissertation is going to be harder than she anticipated--not to mention dangerous. Because with a track record like Alex's, the bad guys are always looking for a soft spot--and she's the perfect soft spot. When Caitlin comes under attack, Alex realizes that his most important mission is keeping Caitlin safe . . . and making her his own. NOTE: A Fine Specimen was previously published by another publisher. This edition has been lightly edited and updated.

an individual, object, or part regarded as typical of the group or class to which it belongs b. (as modifier): a specimen signature; a specimen page.

2. (Medicine) med a sample of tissue, blood, urine, etc, taken for diagnostic examination or evaluation Dec 9, 2020 - Explore Casseophia's board "A Fine Specimen", followed by 264 people on Pinterest.