The Enforcer's Secret Vampire

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Ezra Dawn
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Joshua Devine is the third son of the Alpha of Asphalt Bay. He's a bit of a loner and an outcast in his father's eyes. He wants to gain his father's approval but he isn't sure that will ever happen. So, he looks for approval elsewhere by searching for his fated mate. But, Josh has his work cut out for him since his sense of smell isn't what it should be... Kira McAlister is a vampire musician. He travels from country to country playing in paranormal clubs and bars with his rock band. After centuries of doing the same thing he's ready to find his beloved and settle in one place. No more groupies and a local crowd are all he's looking for so when his band lands in Asphalt Bay he decides it's the perfect spot. Will Josh find the approval he's looking for? Will Kira be able to convince Josh that they're mates? Or will it just end in tragedy? (Warning: Contains graphic sexual content and explicit language. Not recommended for those under the age of 18.) Reading Order: 1.An Alpha for the Demigod (Asphalt Bay One) 2.The Enforcer's Secret Vampire (Asphalt Bay Two) 3.The Beta's Poison Bite (Asphalt Bay Three) 4.Taming the Feral Tiger (Asphalt Bay Four) 5.The Alpha's Master (Venetian Hills One) 6.The Second's Cursed Mate (Venetian Hills Two) 7.The Doctor's Demon Prince (Asphalt Bay Five) 8.The Leopard's Twin Troubles (Asphalt Bay Six) 9.The Beta's Second Chance (Venetian Hills Three) 10.The Panther's Favorite Bully (Venetian Hills Four) 11.The Warlock's Beautiful Bird (Asphalt Bay Seven) 12.The Demon's Gruff Councilman (Asphalt Bay Eight) *more to come*

H... The Enforcer's Secret Vampire (Asphalt Bay Pack Book 2) eBook: Dawn, Ezra: Kindle Store The Enforcer's Secret Vampire. Series: Asphalt Bay Pack; By Ezra Dawn.

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