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Dale Mayer
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When his call came, the mission was the opposite of what he expected... Returning to his hometown of London, UK, was a happy surprise, until he realized what-and who-was involved. Out of his comfort zone when dealing with women sold into sexual slavery or even "collected," regardless Miles was determined to dig in deep, when he realized he knew the latest kidnapped victim. A woman who'd touched him years earlier. To think she might be suffering at the hands of a deranged serial kidnapper or, worse, could be sold in some human trafficking ring... Vanessa, tied up and blindfolded, has no idea why she'd been kidnapped. She does her best to obey her captor, even as she plots her escape. Her hope is that she's been reported missing and that the cops are looking for her. ... They are, but so is someone else... Keeping Vanessa safe at his side, Miles is taxed to the limit to unravel and to capture a serial killer who's lain undetected for decades, disguised as a serial kidnapper... The Mavericks:Kerrick Griffin Jax Beau Asher Ryker Miles Nico Keane Lennox Gavin Shane

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