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Mushrooms. Could they be the next superfood? Scientific research is stacking up in their favour, from the humble supermarket variety to the more exotic species appearing in health food stores and now creeping into the organic sections of some supermarkets. Who would have dreamt that such an odd assortment of fungi have been holding on to secrets that are so beneficial to your health and dare I say even assist in slowing the effects of aging. This book is brimming with facts about mushrooms and how they are beneficial for you. And for your enjoyment try one of the included recipes. Start your day with a mushroom latte!!

We're talking about good old-fashioned, easy to find, yummy to cook white-cap ... Psilocybin, the drug in magic mushrooms, helps many people become more open, creative, and curious after they take a single high dose, new study shows.Ordinarily, researchers say, after age 30 personality is a pretty fixed part of who we are. Stay wrinkle-free and glow young with the best anti-aging skin balm made from 100% Chaga Mushroom Extract from Real Mushrooms, Coconut, Cacao and Shea Butter. Shop; Blog; Recipes; Who We Are; FAQ; Contact; Recipes Chaga Skin Food.

For hundreds of years, mushrooms have been used for their anti ... When you think of "anti-aging supplements," you may initially think of vitamins, minerals, products or creams that help fight the visible signs of aging by smoothing the lines on your face, amping up energy levels, and keeping skin supple and smooth. However, the benefits of anti-aging supplements extend way beyond the surface.