A History of the World

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Professor Jeremy Black
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Criss-crossing the globe from the prehistoric era to the modern day, Professor Jeremy Black takes you on a whirlwind tour of our past, leaving no stone unturned as he brings to life the fascinating history of civilisation. Mankind has accomplished remarkable feats - building great cities, creating beautiful art forms and developing new modes of communication. At the same time, warfare discrimination and poverty reveal the darker side of human nature. This incredible illustrated volume covers all of the above, from the birth of agriculture to the two world wars, delving into the vast range of human experience over the millennia. A History of the World forms an essential reference guide for modern-day amateur historians, providing a perfect foothold into this sprawling history.

Marr's narrative has something of a technology focus (which I ... The World History: From the Ancient World to the Information Age text book features major events that shaped the world into what it has become today. The transition from ancient technology to the modern era technology is a major topic in this book.

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