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Stephany Brandt
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Bill Carter thought he had a simple life: work his hay farm, love his wife, and care for his family. Then his farm hand brings him unsettling news: Something has blocked off one of his alfalfa fields, and there's no way to get in. Bill and his friends try to figure out the mystery in the hay field, all the while not knowing they're being watched by a family of alien refugees. Who are just as nervous about Bill as he is of them. But they need help to survive the destruction of their home planet, and Bill can offer them what they dearly need: safe shelter. Across the globe in Botswana, Benie Kabelo learns of a diagnosis that threatens her ability to have a family. As she mourns her loss, she witnesses the murder of a group of aliens, and finds an orphaned alien baby who desperately needs her protection. In Germany, Heinrich Fischer watches as an alien ship streaks across the Black Forest, then he decides to go hunting for the vehicle. What he sought was an alien - what he found was a new best friend. And in Oregon's Willamette Valley, Aden Winslow finds an alien hiding in her basement. Aden decides to help her new alien friend as they search for the alien's lost spaceship, and work together to repair it. All of these stories wind together as we experience first contact through the eyes of everyone involved - how they learn, love, and explore what it is to conquer your fears, and become friends.

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