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Everyone's life is driven by a personal philosophy. It is something that can keep us stuck, or set us free, depending on how much of our philosophy is created by choice, how much was imposed upon us, and whether we are even aware of it. Know Yourself is meant to help you define your current life philosophy and look for ways to open your mind to new ways of seeing the world. It shows you how to identify which beliefs help or hurt you in life, and how to revise your view on life to invite more happiness, greater strength, and deeper compassion for yourself and others. You will discover some of the following: - Insights into how your personal philosophy developed - Exercises and ideas for improving self-awareness - Tips for creating a wisdom tool kit you can call upon in daily life - Understanding of why struggle, suffering, and pain are part of life - New ways to perceive your life and the world around you - Instruction on how to meditate - even if you never have - How to develop a practice that will touch your soul - Techniques to help others through the use of ancient wisdom Harvard's Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham, PhD, and bestselling authors Marco Borges, Dr. Jay Kumar, and Dr. Gail Gross, and others have praised Know Yourself: "At a time of wounded bodies and spirits, of emotional and social ills, and of turmoil and loss, how does one find inner strength and peace? Know Yourself offers to people of all backgrounds a needed answer to this question. In her Intellectually rich and deeply moving personal meditation on finding, knowing, and becoming a person of compassion, Lexie Potamkin provides an array of philosophical and spiritual pathways to a better, more meaningful life. Most of all, she blesses us with insights that help us to be true to ourselves through embracing a self-love capacious enough to love those who are different from us." - Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham, PhD, Professor of History and of African and African American Studies, Harvard University "Lexie has spent years immersed in the work of bringing more compassion to our world. It's a wonderful thing for us all that she has shared her journey while creating a brilliant roadmap from it for achieving true happiness. This is an incredibly soul-nurturing book that is exactly what the world needs right now." - Marco Borges, New York Times best-selling author, exercise physiologist and founder & CEO of 22 Days Nutrition "Know Yourself speaks to the very soul of a wounded world coping in the midst of crises and to the heart of humanity seeking hope for a brighter future. Lexie's valuable lessons for achieving both personal transformation and global peace guide us to explore the fundamental nature of our core identity, purpose in life, and sense of being. Integrating timeless spiritual truths, cutting-edge science, and her own personal wisdom, Know Yourself provides the timely antidote we require to become a happier, stronger, and more compassionate world." - Dr. Jay Kumar, Author of Science of a Happy Brain

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by. Ibn Arabi, Awḥad Al-dīn Balyānī, Cecilia Twinch (Translator) 4.78 · Rating details · 45 ratings · 2 reviews. If you know yourself, it'll be easier for you to balance your choices and make a decision that gives you inner peace instead of feeling endlessly anxious about it.