FAIRY LEGENDS AND TRADITIONS OF THE SOUTH OF IRELAND - 40 Folk and Fairy Legends - 40 Celtic Legends and Tales

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T. Crofton Croker
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It is well known that the Irish have the "Gift of the Gab." Never has it been so prevalent in this collection of 40 tales and legends collected from the Irish peasants and storytellers of Southern Ireland. The wit of peasants, energies of nature, poverty and their superstitions and beliefs are all evident. Nothing which illustrates in the slightest degree the popular Fairy Creed of Ireland has been sacrificed in this volume. Not only do you get some wonderful Irish fairy-tales, but it also gives you some of the background information on how those stories came to be told. Some of the stories within this volume are: The Legend Of Knocksheogowna, The Priest's Supper, Legend Of Bottle Hill, The Haunted Cellar, The Little Shoe, The Bunworth Banshee, The Legend Of Lough Gur, The Enchanted Lake, The Lady Of Gollerus, Diarmid Bawn, The Piper, The Lucky Guest, The Legend Of Cairn Thierna, The Giant's Stairs. So we invite you to download a copy of this ebook, get yourself a hot toddy and curl up on your favourite chair and be prepared to be entertained. Not only are they ideal entertainment for adults and young adults, but also for reading to children during the day but also at bedtime. 10% of the profit from the sale of this book is donated to charities. So what are you waiting for, download this book now! Keywords/Tags: Fairy Legends, folklore, myths, south, southern, Irish, Ireland, Shefro, Knocksheogowna, Knockfierna, Knockgrafton, Priest, Supper, Brewery, Egg Shells, Bottle Hill, Confessions, Tom Bourke, Cluricaune, Haunted Cellar, Little Shoe, Banshee, Bunworth, Mccarthy, Phooka, Spirit Horse, Daniel O'rourke, Crooked Back, Thierna Na Oge, Fior Usga, Cormac And Mary, Lough Gur, Enchanted Lake, O'donoghue, Merrow, Lady Of Gollerus, Flory Cantillon, Funeral, Lord Of Dunkerron, Wonderful, Tune, Dullahan, Good Woman, Hanlon's Mill, Death Coach, Headless Horseman, Fir Darrig, Diarmid Bawn, Piper, Teigue Of The Lee, Ned Sheehy, Excuse, Lucky Guest, Treasure Legends, Dreaming, Tim Jarvis, Rent Day, Linn-Na-Payshtha, Rocks, Stones, Cairn Thierna, Candle, Clough-Na-Cuddy, Giant's Stairs,

There is another legend that says Carman cursed Ireland's crops and terrorized the Irish. When the Tuatha De Danann, the ... Thomas Crofton Croker (15 January 1798 - 8 August 1854) was an Irish antiquary, best known for his Fairy Legends and Traditions of the South of Ireland (1825-1828), and who also showed considerable interest in Irish song and music. Ireland's long history is riddled with ancient mythology and folklore.

A Crow on a house indicated that someone would die (Walter Greger. Notes on Folklore of Northeast Scotland.