On a Mission

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Libby Bleakley
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In the remote community of Peppimenarti, Northern Territory, Libby Bleakley embarked on her first mission for the Australian Federal Police. After serving in the NSW Police Force for nearly two decades, and having endured great personal suffering, she was ready for a new challenge. Far from any town and a day's drive from the nearest facilities, Libby developed lifelong connections with many of the locals in this beautiful place. Libby's passion for community andpolicingtook her into the international arena where she was deployed to Sudan as part of the UN Police. There, her love of people of different cultureshelped forge a new spirit on the base where she worked. The following year she was back on the other side of the world in Timor-Leste, again with the UN Police, as the country was undergoing extraordinary change. In the heart of the jungle, Libby found amazing people and a unique opportunity to help the community build their future.On a Mission is a heart-warming memoir, told with Libby's infectious sense of humour and love for humanity on every page, that will take you along on her adventures around the world and into the communities where she developed life-changing bonds. All profits from the sale of this book go to the Timor Learning Centre.

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