The Sixth Sense of Children

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Litany Burns
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Every child is born with innately wonderful and intuitive abilities. And when properly fostered in a child, these abilities offer untold advantages as your child matures and becomes an adult. The Sixth Sense of Children provides parents with the tools and practical exercises that will help parents guide their children in developing and mastering the skills of intuition and perception.Using personal stories from her own experiences and experiences with her clients, world renowned psychic, medium and channeler, Litany Burns, will guide readers to finding the power of their children's intuition, and also their own.The Sixth Sense of Children will:? Teach children to problem solve and listen to their "inner voice"? Open the lines of communication between you and your child? Bolster children's self esteem? Encourage children's self expression? Improve children's focus

Malcom Crowe is a child psychologist who receives an award on the same night that he is visited by a very unhappy ex-patient. After this encounter, Crowe takes on the task of curing a young boy with the same ills as the ex-patient.

A child psychologist comes in to help an eight year old boy who sees dead people. Since the huge success of The Sixth Sense, several filmmakers have attempted to exploit the trope. — -- In 1999, Haley Joel Osment was a breakout star as the young boy in "The Sixth Sense." He was just 11-years-old when he played the litle boy who could "see dead people" opposite Bruce Willis in the thriller.