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Noah Church
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Which would surprise you more: that nearly nine out of ten young college men use porn or that more than one in five 12-year-old girls do?Porn has broken out of seedy backrooms and into the mainstream largely thanks to the Internet, which allows millions to access an unlimited (and mostly free) supply of porn and cybersex from the convenience of their own homes. And that's what we do. Because porn is fun. Like...really, really fun! In fact, Internet porn is unnaturally fun, providing far more stimulating variety than we would ever encounter in real life. These sights trigger powerful neurological reactions, and over time consistent porn users undergo actual brain changes similar to those seen in alcoholics and gambling addicts, eventually developing one or more of many common and unpleasant symptoms such as:? Porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED) and reduced libido for real partners? Difficulty reaching orgasm with a partner? Cravings for and emotional reliance on porn? Escalation to extreme sexual preferences or fetishes as tolerance increases and regular sex becomes boring? Emotional numbness and difficulty forming relationships? Social anxiety, depression, apathy, and "brainfog"? Sexual orientation obsessive compulsive disorderThis book is not a moral or religious attack on pornography. This book is a scientific exploration of how Internet porn affects us, an examination of how it has influenced our culture, and a guide for those who would like to quit the porn habit and heal themselves of porn-induced symptoms. This is the story of people who have acted to retake control of their lives and restore themselves to full sexual and emotional function. This is my story. This may be your story.-Noah B.E. Church

Hip hop artists (MCs, DJs, B-boys, etc) who are typically aspiring and full of themselves, yet their style is an insult to real hip hop because it (1) copies another artist's style, (2) is mainly driven by commercial aspirations, or (3) is basically incompetent with no hope of improving. Wack = weakly executed flashy moves in place of ... Find 44 ways to say wack, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Definition of wack off in the Idioms Dictionary.

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