So You Want To Be A Journalist?

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Bruce Grundy, Martin Hirst, Janine Little, Mark Hayes, Greg Treadwell
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So you want to be a Journalist? Unplugged is a fully revised guide to the world of journalism. This new edition of Bruce Grundy's guide for journalists takes us through new media's impact on the structure and practice of journalism today, with its 24-hour news cycle of multi-platform, interactive media audiences. The book contains instructions on writing for news media as well as practical advice on all facets of reporting. Skills involved in finding information, interviewing, writing news and features, research and investigation, basic subbing, layout and design are covered, along with the essentials of grammar, the law, and practical tips on ethical and professional behaviour. New to the second edition: ? online journalism incorporated throughout the text ? vignettes and case studies that bring the text to life ? examples from Australian, New Zealand and international media ? extended section on ethics ? extensively updated research section, to help students recognise quality internet research ? extensive companion website including further writing practice

Practice by setting a time limit for yourself to complete writing tasks. When your time is up, stop writing, even if you're not finished.

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