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Discover How to Use Yoga as Medicine Now you can cure 50+ common ailments the natural way, with Curing Yoga. Inside are over 100 basic yoga sequences, each one made to cure a specific ailment. All yoga flows are made with beginners in mind, so almost anyone can do them. Discover how to heal yourself naturally with Aventura's Curing Yoga, because you deserve to feel your best! Get it now. Discover the Yoga Secrets to Cure...ADD/ADHD Allergies Asthma Backache Cold and flu Depression Digestive problems (such as diarrhea, constipation, stomach ache, etc.) Insomnia Lethargy Menstruation discomfort Prolapsed uterus Sciatica Shin splints Stress and Anxiety Thyroid imbalance Varicose Veins... and many more! This Illustrated Yoga Guide IncludesDetailed descriptions of basic yoga poses Clear and simple pictures Yoga breathing techniques Important safety information on when to avoid certain poses How to do yoga nidra Yoga for pain relief Yoga for emotional balance Yoga for depression Yoga for fertilityUse Yoga for Therapy and you will also discover basic yoga sequences for...Healing a broken heart Coping with change Strengthening your heart and lungs Building your immunity Coping with menopause Recuperating after long travel Increasing your self-esteem Improving your posture Increasing body strength Detox of body toxins... and more! Includes 4 Free Bonuses! Get your copy of Curing Yoga today and you will also receive:A yoga routine quick-list. 5 easy mindfulness meditations. Your daily health and fitness cheat sheet. A critical first aid guide including an emergency first aid cheat sheet.Add this book to your collection, because with it you can use yoga to heal your mind, body, and spirit! Get it now.

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Sometimes piles can be cured by improved lifestyle and Ayurvedic medication along with yoga. In severe cases, surgery is recommended. Luckily yoga helps, because there is yoga to cure diarrhea.