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Christal Fuentes
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Change Your Approach for More Joyous, Truthful and Enriching Relationships Relationships = Life; that's Christal Fuentes' mantra. As a full-time relationship coach, she helps women all over the world form more powerful and long-lasting connections through simple and effective practices-and now you have the same one-on-one teachings in your hands. How to be H.O.T. is much more than just a dating how-to. Your relationships include the ones you have professionally, spiritually and personally and with Christal's unique, no-bullshit approach, you'll be taking strides toward a more passionate life from all angles. Using personal anecdotes, motivational quotes and expert advice, Christal will teach you how to stop playing the victim; trust more openly (even if you've been hurt in the past); say "no" more often; prioritize your values; and manage anger, stress and anxiety. Prepare for enlightenment with this must-have relationship guide. Christal Fuentes is the all-knowing girlfriend you wish you could talk to, and with this book she'll help you achieve the passionate, trusting and rewarding relationships you've always dreamed of.

Have confidence in your decisions, in the way you look, and in who you are or want to be. It will also help you bounce back from setbacks and accepting difficult challenges that come your way.

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