Dark Secrets

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Catherine Lee
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Will a mother's search for the truth about her son cost her the two children she has left? Jackie Rose is a mother on a mission. Determined to prove her eldest son did not commit suicide, she enlists the help of her best friend's husband, Homicide Detective Charlie Cooper. Reluctant to reopen another team's case, but even more reluctant to upset his wife, Cooper and his partner Joe Quinn investigate. They soon discover Jackie Rose is right - someone's killing kids. The deeper Cooper and Quinn dig, the more they realise everyone has a secret to hide. Can they find the killer before more young lives are lost? As Jackie struggles to cope with the circumstances surrounding her eldest son's death, a new threat emerges. Her ex-husband, unhappy with the effect of the case on the family and concerned Jackie's becoming increasingly unreliable, wants to take their remaining two children to the other side of the country. Will Jackie's fight to clear her son's name cost her the two children she has left? Part police-procedural, part domestic thriller, Dark Secrets is the third in Catherine Lee's page-turning Dark Series. It tackles the difficult themes of bullying and teenage suicide, but at it's heart it's another rollercoaster murder mystery with a kick-arse detective team and a twisting plot that will keep you guessing until the end. Pick up Dark Secrets to read Cooper and Quinn's latest adventure today!

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