Selkie II

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Brandi Kennedy
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The prophecy begins to work itself out as the war draws near. The world at large is searching for Annie Jacobs, a woman who disappeared unexpectedly - her disappearance the first in a series of crimes set in motion by a chance encounter that changed her life in unimaginable ways. The man she loves is now on the run, the main suspect in her disappearance, as well as countless other crimes.Enemy clans are closing in, increasingly determined and shockingly violent. They want Annie - they want the baby spoken of in the prophecy, the innocent life growing even now in the shelter of her womb. One clan wants the baby dead, one clan wants control of her and everyone connected to her. The clan Killian wants only to protect her as a member of their family. More clans are coming - but whatever they want, they all share one common thread: they'll stop at nothing to accomplish their goals.The only thing Annie and Malik want is to raise their child together, in love and in peace. Follow them as they struggle to protect themselves, their baby, and each other in a time filled with fear, danger, and the sheer power of the only magic that can save them ... the love of one soul for another.

When a selkie is in her seal form, she will look just like any other seal. Selkies can become seals with the aid of their enchanted seal skins.

Female selkies are said to make excellent wives, but because their true home is the sea, they will often be seen gazing longingly at the ocean. If she finds her skin she will immediately return to her true home, and sometimes to her selkie husband, in the sea.