Classic Recipes of Germany

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Mirko Trenkner
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Explore the rich and varied delights of German Cuisine with 25 authentic recipes presented in this stylish book. Featuring recipes from the very heart of Germany including Pickled Matje Herrings, Bavarian Meatloaf, Roast Duck with Savoy Cabbage, Lebkucken, and Black Forest Gateau. The introduction offers an insight into the landscape, festivals and key ingredients used in Germany cooking. Wonderfully photographed throughout, this book will delight all those keen to experience the traditional cooking of Germany. The author, Mirko Trenkner, is a freelance chef and gastronomic advisor for the CMA, the central marketing organization of German agriculture. The recipes in this book have been professionally written and have been properly tested in the authors own kitchen. Ingredients are measured out in metric and imperial and US cup measures are also included.

The flavor of the wine with the mushrooms is amazing, and the dish can be served with rice, noodles, or roasted or mashed potatoes. Over hundreds of years, the Germans have developed a warm, rich and delicious cuisine, where servings are always generous, making Germany "comfort food" central. Storing excess produce has made ... 13 Authentic German Recipes That Go Way Beyond Bratwurst Audrey Bruno.

A The classic German dessert recipes featured on this site help us to appreciate the rich and wonderful history of Germany's foods. And good food is truly part of Germany's heritage.