The Zeppelin Deception

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Colleen Gleason
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Sherlock's niece and Bram's sister in their fifth and final adventure "Gleason has vamped up the familiar world of Holmes and paranormally exhilarating effect!" *-*The New York Times It's a cold, blustery day in January of 1890 when Mina Holmes receives an invitation to Evaline Stoker's wedding. The two young women-partners and occasionally friends-haven't spoken for nearly two months, since the events at the Carnelian Crow. Shocked, Mina is still looking at the invitation when constables from Scotland Yard begin pounding on her front door. They've arrived to arrest her for the murder of a man she's never even heard of. Meanwhile, Evaline has her hands full with wedding plans (boring) and an overbearing sister who wants to manage her every move-including a dizzying array of social activities. In the midst of all this, she receives an invitation to visit Lady Isabella Cosgrove-Pitt, a most villainous woman. With Pix in jail, Mina being hunted by Scotland Yard, and Evaline dining with the murderous Lady Isabella what more can possibly go wrong? Plenty. And when the mysterious black zeppelin appears once again in the night sky, things are about to get even more dangerous than ever for Miss Stoker and Miss Holmes.

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See all formats and editions ... The Zeppelin Deception; The Zeppelin Deception Summary. Mina Holmes and Evaline Stoker return in their final--and most exciting--adventure together.