Two Miles to the Border (A J.T. Edson Western)

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J.T. Edson
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Who had taught Spit Merton to carry out a mighty slick, well-planned robbery?Why did Merton and his gang take only fifty thousand dollars from the Rocksprings' bank when they could easily have emptied the safe?What did the dying owlhoot mean when he said that his companions were 'Going to church, two miles to the border?'Figuring that the answers might show sufficient profit to help keep them in a manner to which they had always been too poor to become accustomed, Brady Anchor and Jefferson Trade set out to try to learn them.If they had realized that their search for enlightenment would bring them into contact with Widow Snodgrass and her Daughters of the Lord, they would have been a heap less willing to set about it.A whole lot of powder was going to be burned before Brady and Jeff learned the truth-most of it to throw lead in their direction.

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