The Effective Practice of Ministry

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Tim Sensing
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Few people have made a larger contribution to the ongoing life and health of Churches of Christ around the world than Charles Siburt. During his twenty-four years at Abilene Christian University, Siburt oversaw some fifty DMin theses- a capstone experience designed to recount best practices in congregational life. Rooted in Dr. Siburt's conviction that good theology makes a difference in the lives of people, The Effective Practice of Ministry is a collection of thirteen of those research projects, covering the most critical topics facing churches today: spiritual formation, leadership development, catechesis, preaching, and missional initiatives in the larger community. In honor of Dr. Siburt, this anthology is meant to inspire and encourage effective, embodied praxis in the ministry of the church.

Part 2 delves more deeply into each of the practices. There are great questions at the end of each of these chapters.

This insightful book speaks to every church leader who yearns for a simpler, more effective approach to minis… Your ministry is perfectly designed to produce the results you are currently experiencing. If you are satisfied with those results, you don't need this book.