Queen of Swords

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Judith Tarr
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Queen in all but name, one woman's battle to rule her kingdom, from the Court of Jerusalem to the glorious city of Byzantium. Melisende was the oldest daughter of Baldwin of Jerusalem, a princess of the Franks and, since she had no brothers, heir to the Crusader Kingdom. The crown would go to the man who married her, and after to her son. But Melisende was a strong woman; the law that forced her to marry instead of taking the crown in her own name was a thorn in her side. It was she who ruled the City and who juggled the politics of church and court. The knights of Jerusalem fought in her honour, many of the best sworn to her personal service. She would not submit easily to a husband's rule, but must she to secure her kingdom? A gripping adventure telling the forgotten story of the notorious matriarch of 12th-century Jerusalem, this third book in Judith Tarr's Three Queens series is perfect for fans of Elizabeth Chadwick and Conn Iggulden.

For example, they may be two people at your place of employment, a romantic couple, or your parents. It is entirely possible that the King and Queen of Swords negatively impact you but do not mean to do so. The meaning of the Queen of Swords Tarot card is 'trouble.'The Queen of Swords is someone who cares deeply about conflict.

She is a woman who may have known loss or suffering herself and has gained much inner strength and wisdom from her experiences. The Queen of Swords is an archetype of an older, wiser feminine intellect. She could be thought of as the most masculine of the all the queens, and may come off as quite stern and emotionless.