The Night Dragon

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Matthew Condon
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'He takes you in the middle of the night, like an angel, and you're gone for good.' - Witness at Vincent O'Dempsey's committal hearing. In 2017, Vincent O'Dempsey was sentenced to life in prison for the brutal murders of Barbara McCulkin and her two young daughters. It took over 40 years to bring him to justice. Feared for decades by criminals and police alike, O'Dempsey associated with convicted underworld figures and has been linked to a string of haunting cold cases, including the deadly Whiskey au Go Go nightclub firebombing that killed 15 innocent people. Award-winning investigative journalist Matthew Condon has interviewed dozens of ex-cons, police and witnesses to put together a compelling picture of the calculating killer who spent his life evading the law before he was finally brought to justice.

He himself had never possessed the invulnerability to fire, yet he found an alluring comfort to it that only those with the blood of the Dragon could feel. Behind him, he heard the voice of one of his brothers of the Night's Watch. The Night Light is the first dragon hybrid to appear in the DreamWorks Dragons franchise.

Matthew Condon is a prize-winning Australian novelist and journalist. Constructed to fit both Harley-Davidson and metric cruiser bikes, The Pirelli Night Dragon offers better adherence, road holding and look than standard tyres. With the increased engine sizes, torque / horsepower needs of today's V-twins the Night Dragon is optimised to ensure great stability, grip with reliable tyre life.