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Subhas Anandan
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The Best I Could traces the life and career of Subhas Anandan, an advocate whose tireless devotion to the Singapore criminal justice system is legendary. In this highly personal autobiography, first published in 2009, Subhas describes not only the many sensational cases he covered, including those of Took Leng How, Anthony Ler and Ah Long San, but also his views on mandatory death sentences and 'police entrapment'. Subhas Anandan, who passed away in January 2015 surely was the face of criminal defence in Singapore. But why did he choose to represent clients who were to all intents and purposes guilty? And were the criminals he represented the monsters they were made out to be? Did he ever feel sorry for the clients he represented? What were his views on the death penalty, and which parts of the legal system did he want reformed? Read all about this in The Best I Could.

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