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Meghan O'Brien
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Regan O'Riley has just about given up hope that she will ever find a woman into shy, geeky programmers. She yearns for a connection, but can't seem to make the first move. Mel Raines knows all about making moves. After a childhood under the thumb of her alcoholic father, she avoids intimacy by drowning herself in fiery, fleeting encounters with strangers. When Regan and Mel meet in a straight bar, of all places, their chemistry is unmistakable. Before they can begin to explore their new relationship, Mel's world is rocked when a close friend is a victim in a shooting. Regan suggests they take a road trip to escape reality for a little while, and Mel is only too ready to shake things up. Together they embark upon a physical and emotional journey where they discover that breaking free of old habits may be the only way to change your life.

Viewed 50 times -1. I am unsure if this loop would happen infinitely or stop after 2^32 times and continue running.

Because you want the count to increment when value changes, you can simply add value as a dependency of the side-effect: Infinite Loop starts with an online briefing and video before participants are invited to join the Infinite Loop online portal with their team. From here their task becomes simple, they need to save John Doe from the Virtual World using the various pieces of information given to them. Infinite Loop is a very simple, relaxing and never ending game for Windows Phone..