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Bianca D'Arc
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* Previously published under the title "Dead Alert" She knows her life is in danger... Emily asked one too many questions at the last board meeting and ended up having her car sabotaged. She's become more wary of voicing her suspicions, but she still has them. Someone is using the small charter airline her mother co-founded to smuggle drugs - or maybe something even worse. When a new pilot is hired, she is sure to check him out before trusting that he's just another fly boy. He's on a mission... Going on undercover investigations isn't exactly within Sam's bailiwick, but he's a highly qualified pilot and the best choice to embed in the small, charter airline on short notice. When he meets Emily, he's not sure if she's as genuine as she seems or if she's hiding some dark secret. Either way, he needs to find out. Working by her side, he soon finds himself intensely attracted to her quick wit and easy manner, but she's wary of him and he isn't sure of her despite the attraction that just won't quit. Only by working together will they succeed... When the time comes to trust each other, they will learn whether or not teaming up is the best way to end the deadly threat. Passion flares between them as the entire situation becomes incendiary. Will they be able to overcome their enemies and live to fight another day? Or will they go down in flames...hopefully taking the bad guys with them?

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