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Laura England
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Looking for Learning: Loose Parts won "Highly Commended" in the Creative Play Awards 2019 for Teaching Resources. Looks for Learning: Loose Parts is a full-colour, practical guide to inspire child-led learning that's linked to to current policy and the EYFS framework. As each child progresses through their learning journey, Early Years practitioners are expected to identify and understand what learning is taking place in every activity that a child is involved in. Laura England, creator of Little Miss Early Years, uses her wealth of experience as an Early Years teacher to explore the learning that takes place when a child is tinkering with loose parts, including tinker trays filled with nuts and bolts, pompoms and play dough to combine, construct and investigate with. Loose parts are natural or synthetic materials and resources that have no pre-planned use; they can be moved, combined with other resources, lined up, deconstructed and constructed again. They can capture a child's imagination, curiosity and creativity as they play with and manipulate them. This dip-in-and-out book is linked to the Characteristics of Effective Learning and presents case studies, real-life images and practical pointers to explore their use. With tips for setting up the environment to the adult's role in this child-led play, Looking For Learning: Loose Parts is ideal for all Early Years practitioners searching for accessible ideas for using loose parts in their settings. Looking for Learning books are the number one tool for identifying learning opportunities in child-led play. All four books are packed full of tried-and-tested ideas for indoor and outdoor activities, helpful hints and tips and full-colour photographs. Written by Laura England, known as Little Miss Early Years, these are a must-have for any nursery or pre-school.

A mentor helps you navigate your field by offering invaluable perspective and experience. Initially, look to friends, family, and coworkers for an expert in the skill you're trying to learn. With my question defined, I went looking for evidence.

Teachers visit each others' classroom and spend around 10 - 20 minutes speaking with students about their learning. Learning the English language is a challenge for many - for those learning English as a second language [TESOL] and for those with a language impairment. Using language to teach language to a person who cannot understand that language is going to be tough! So…what to do about this? Subscription levels are available for either School Use, Large Group Use (up to 10 users) or Single Use ... IPC Meeting 12-03-2013.