Up the Seine Without a Paddle

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Eliza Watson
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What do you do when the City of Love doesn't love you? Caity Shaw takes on Paris and her next event planner job with a bit more confidence-which is immediately shot down when she's forced to take responsibility for a six-year-old brat. They're kicked out of a famous museum, and she goes from being a glamorous event planner-for a funeral directors' group-to a reluctant au pair. Just what she doesn't need as she struggles to regain self-esteem whittled away by an emotionally abusive ex-boyfriend. Declan, Caity's hot Irish coworker, helps her maintain her sanity and sense of humor when she is repeatedly thrown out of places in Paris. He also perpetuates her facade as an experienced planner, a goal she'll never achieve if she's spending her days at puppet shows. Caity and Declan spend evenings exploring Paris and researching her Irish grandmother's mysterious past, uncovering secrets that could tear Caity's family apart. Declan reveals his own secret, which might bring Caity and him closer, despite her attempts to keep an emotional distance from the charming womanizer. However, the only way to help Declan open up and heal might be to confide in him about her past. Caity finally has faith in herself-can she learn to have faith that others won't judge her mistakes?

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Even though she fibbed a bit on her resume, she is helped out of some misadventures by her co-worker Declan whom she has a crush on. After repeatedly getting asked to leave some of the top tourist sites she continues ... Buy Up the Seine Without a Paddle (Travel Mishaps of Caity Shaw) from Kogan.com.