Princess of Wolfwood

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CJ Perry
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Abused at the orphanage for her mixed elvish heritage, Selene lived a life of ridicule and torment. Until one day, the bullying goes too far, and Selene discovers she has the power to summon forth creatures from other worlds. A dark wolf with glowing red eyes comes to her aid, but the tragedy of her newfound powers forces Selene to leave everything she has ever known. She finds her place among a pack of timber wolves, but the Dark Wolf continues to whisper in her dreams. He brings dark memories of pain - and the need for vengeance. To break his hold over her, Selene will have to leave her past behind. But the darkness in her own heart cannot let go. When presented with her chance for vengeance, will Selene become the monster her tormentors created?

Sweet and kind, but also stubborn and determined.An outlaw. A much-feared rogue leading his band and concealing an old secret.

Wolfwood. Meet Rex the eleven month old Ridgeback Cross Mastiff.