Charming the Duke

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Rebecca Jones
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Anthony Randall, the Duke of Daventry, is in desperate need of a governess for his orphaned niece. The Duke's niece, the spoiled, seven-year-old Isabella has been through three governesses. The Duke is highly doubtful the young, inexperienced Miss Regina Hopkins could possibly manage his irascible niece but since he is desperate, he agrees to give her a chance. Much to the astonishment of the entire household Regina succeeds beautifully, bringing the little lady under control and brightening the lives of everyone she comes in contact with, including the Duke. Unfortunately, the Duke has a reputation as a faithless rake and a heartbreaker. No woman of good character is willing to live under the same roof as him. Apart from the beautiful Regina Hopkins.

When she is hired as a lady's maid for Lady Emilia, the duke of Northfolk's cousin, at his estate, she believes her life will change for the better. Isabella is beautiful and intelligent and catches th... Charming the Duke: Bush, Holly: Libros.

The Duke is highly doubtful the young Miss Regina Hopkins could manage his irascible niece but he agrees to give her a chance. Regina succeeds, brightening the life of the Duke.