Resilience Is Futile

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Julie S. Lalonde
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For over a decade, Julie Lalonde, an award-winning advocate for women's rights, kept a secret. She crisscrossed the country, denouncing violence against women and giving hundreds of media interviews along the way. Her work made national headlines for challenging universities and taking on Canada's top military brass. Appearing fearless on the surface, Julie met every interview and event with the same fear in her gut: was he there? Fleeing intimate partner violence at age 20, Julie was stalked by her ex-partner for over ten years, rarely mentioning it to friends, let alone addressing it publicly. The contrast between her public career as a brave champion for women with her own private life of violence and fear meant a shaky and exhausting balancing act. Resilience sounds like a positive thing, so why do we often use it against women? Tenacity and bravery might help us survive unimaginable horrors, but where are the spaces for anger and vulnerability? Resilience is Futile is a story of survival, courage and ultimately, hope. But it's also a challenge to the ways we understand trauma and resilience. It's the story of one survivor who won't give up and refuses to shut up.

And in Darwin's sense we cannot evolve either — at best we can unschool our descendants to acquire the capacities that we lost, or never had — like the ones depicted in the charts above. We're probably too late, those of us over 30, to learn them all ... Resilience is Futile: The Life and Death and Life of Julie Lalonde Paperback - March 17, 2020 by Julie S.

We all have to do it, to some extent, from time to time, and to practice resilience in the face of adversity is often an honourable and worthwhile thing. So when the right wing press bemoans a "snowflake generation" they perhaps strike a chord that ... Resilience is Futile This week on #1130bookshelf, our John Ackermann speaks with advocate and author Julie S.