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Daniel J. C. Kronauer
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A richly illustrated, captivating study of army ants, nature's preeminent social hunters. A swarm raid is one of nature's great spectacles. In tropical rainforests around the world, army ants march in groups by the thousands to overwhelm large solitary invertebrates, along with nests of termites, wasps, and other ants. They kill and dismember their prey and carry it back to their nest, where their hungry brood devours it. They are the ultimate social hunters, demonstrating the most fascinating collective behavior. In Army Ants we see how these insects play a crucial role in promoting and sustaining the biodiversity of tropical ecosystems. The ants help keep prey communities in check while also providing nutrition for other animals. Many species depend on army ants for survival, including a multitude of social parasites, swarm-following birds, and flies. And while their hunting behavior, and the rules that govern it, are clearly impressive, army ants display collective behavior in other ways that are no less dazzling. They build living nests, called bivouacs, using their bodies to protect the queen and larvae. The ants can even construct bridges over open space or obstacles by linking to one another using their feet. These incredible feats happen without central coordination. They are the result of local interactions-self-organization that benefits the society at large. Through observations, stories, and stunning images, Daniel Kronauer brings these fascinating creatures to life. Army ants may be small, but their collective intelligence and impact on their environment are anything but.

While moving across the forest, these ants make a temporary nest, called a bivouac, by locking themselves together with their legs and jaws. Army Ants toys were a toy-line released by Hasbro in 1987, they were very similar to Battle Beasts and Monster In My Pocket. However, this toy-line focused on humanoid ants that were originally released in squadrons of three or eight figures, set on card-backed blister packs. Army ants, of the subfamily Dorylinae, are nomadic and notorious for the destruction of plant and animal life in their path.

Army ants rarely stay in a ... An army ant is a generic name used to describe over 200 species of ants. An army ant can also be referred to as legionary ant or marabunta.