Training Your Labrador Retriever

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September Morn
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Books in B.E.S.Training Your Dogseries offer breed-specific advice on virtually every aspect of canine training, including housebreaking, obedience to basic verbal commands and hand signals, retrieving, and walking on a leash. Also covered are humane methods of breaking a dog's bad habits. The typical Labrador Retriever is good-natured by temperament and willing to please his master--qualities that make him relatively easy to train. In this book, the author takes Lab owners step-by-step through her time-proven training method, which emphasizes positive reinforcement. Instructive color photos are found on most pages.

Play Games: You can train your lab puppy to play games with you like playing with a ball etc. Do Tricks: He can also be trained to do tricks like the handshake and roll over.

Some of you may want to use a crate, and some of you may need information on potty training a puppy when you work. Begin training early. Labrador Retrievers grow to be quite large and can often be excitable dogs.