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Lewis Turco
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The much-anticipated second edition of The Book of Literary Terms features new examples and terms to enhance Turco's classic guide that students and scholars have relied on over the years as a definitive resource for the definitions of the major terms, forms, and styles of literature. Chapters covering fiction, drama, nonfiction, and literary criticism and scholarship offer readers a comprehensive guide to all forms of prose and their many sub-genres. From "Utopian novel," "videotape," and "yellow journalism" to "kabuki play," "Personalism," and "Poststructuralism," this book is a valuable reference offering an extensive world of knowledge. Every teacher, student, critic, and general lover of literature should be sure to add The Book of Literary Terms to their library.

Now in its fifth edition, it remains the most comprehensive and accessible work of its kind, and is invaluable for students, teachers and general readers alike. The Routledge Dictionary of Literary Termsis a twenty-first century update of Roger Fowler's seminal Dictionary of Modern Critical Terms. Bringing together original entries written by such celebrated theorists as Terry Eagleton and Malcolm Bradbury with new definitions of current terms and controversies, this is the essential reference book for students of literature at all levels.

Literary terms ... Glossary of Common Literary Terms ... a motto or quotation that appears at the beginning of a book, play, chapter, or poem.