The Essential Guide To ADHD And Anxiety

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Everyone knows someone with adult AD/HD. Yet we misattribute the symptoms to anxiety, depression, or even laziness, selfishness, or moodiness. Moreover, we assume AD/HD means "little boys with ants in their pants." In fact, childhood hyperactivity goes "underground" as the person matures, resulting in a mentally restless state. (By the way, the former, and still better-known, official term is ADD, plus or minus Hyperactivity. The new term, AD/HD, uses a slash mark to indicate that hyperactivity is not central to the diagnosis.) Meticulously researched by award-winning writer, This book is a comprehensive guide to recognizing the behaviors where you least expect them (on the road and in the bedroom, for example) and developing compassion for couples wrestling with unrecognized ADHD symptoms. It also offers the latest information from top experts, plenty of real-life details, and easy-to-understand guidelines for finding the best treatment options and practical solutions. The revolutionary message is one of hope for millions of people--and a joyous opportunity for a better life.

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  Anxiety disorders can manifest themselves in a variety of physical, mood, cognitive and behavioral symptom patterns. Common features of ... Praise For The Essential Guide to Raising Complex Kids with ADHD, Anxiety, and More: What Parents and Teachers Really Need to Know to Empower Complicated Kids with Confidence and Calm… "An invaluable resource for parents (and hopefully for those working with them), this book is certainly now on the top of my "must read" list for all the parents (and teachers and mental health specialists ... They can help regulate things like mood, anxiety, hunger, focus, pain, sleep and so much more.