Research Methods for Interior Design

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Dana E. Vaux (Editor), David Wang (Editor)
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Interior design has shifted significantly in the past fifty years from a focus on home decoration within family and consumer sciences to a focus on the impact of health and safety within the interior environment. This shift has called for a deeper focus in evidence-based research for interior design education and practice.? Research Methods for Interior Design provides a broad range of qualitative and quantitative examples, each highlighted as a case of interior design research. Each chapter is supplemented with an in-depth introduction, additional questions, suggested exercises, and additional research references. The book's subtitle, Applying Interiority, identifies one reason why the field of interior design is expanding, namely, all people wish to achieve a subjective sense of well-being within built environments, even when those environments are not defined by walls. The chapters of this book exemplify different ways to comprehend interiority through clearly defined research methodologies. This book is a significant resource for interior design students, educators, and researchers in providing them with an expanded vision of what interior design research can encompass.

Reports totalling 7000 words, as follows: a) A 4500-word illustrated report on a topical issue or area of interior design (Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 3 and 4) b) A 2500-word literature review that defines the context for the Final Project that will be undertaken in Module 6. (Learning Outcomes 1 and 2).

Search your topic with the following suggested free text keywords using the quotation marks and truncation symbol*: "mixed model*" OR "mixed design*" OR "multiple method*" OR multimethod* OR triangulat* Research Design and Research Methods 51 Research consists of purposes and procedures that integrate inductive, subjec- tive, and contextual approaches. On the other hand, Quantitative Research integrates purposes and procedures that are deductive, objective, and general- ized. Research Methods for Interior Design by Dana E.