Jail Diary and Other Writings

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Bhagat Singh, Digital Fire
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Shaheed Bhagat Singh was executed by the Britishers on 23rd March, 1931. His jail diary was handed over, along with other belongings to his father, Sardar Kishan Singh after his execution. After Sardar Kishan Singh's death, the notebook, along with other papers of Bhagat Singh, was passed on to his another son, Shri Kulbir Singh. After his death, it has passed to his son, Shri Babar Singh. It was the dream of Shri Babar Singh that the Indian masses get to know through this historical diary what were the actual thoughts of Shaheed Bhagat Singh. Also General people can also see the original writings of Bhagat Singh because he is the hero of every caste, religion, poor, rich, farmers, labourers and everyone who loves Bharat.

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