Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out

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Dr. D. Scott Hildreth, Steven A. McKinion
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What if talking about your faith felt as natural as discussing your family, your work, or your hobbies? Evangelism doesn't have to be uncomfortable. You're under no pressure to prove anything. It really just amounts to having a conversation, and almost any context provides the opportunity for evangelism. You can spot these opportunities when you listen, because people talk about what's important to them. So think of evangelism as building a relationship with someone and intentionally planning to share Jesus as a part of everyday living. Sharing Jesus without Freaking Out, Second Edition is not a comprehensive theology of evangelism or the methods by which that theological message is communicated. The goal of the book is simply to show what evangelism looks like when it's part of ordinary, everyday conversations. Sharing Jesus with others isn't a mystery, and it can be as natural as working a job, practicing a favorite hobby, or engaging in any other kind of daily activity. The authors show how anyone can make sharing the gospel a commonplace part of their lifestyle. Without all the freaking out part.

Scott: Books Dr. Alvin Reid (Pastor and Professor of Evangelism at Southeastern Baptist Seminary) gets this, and thankfully wrote "Sharing Jesus [without freaking out}" to help those suffering with CKD learn to love sharing Jesus.

August 11, 2018; Dr. Micah Carter ... Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out is simply Doc's way of preaching what he practices.