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Businesspeople and lawyers argue over indemnities more-and understand them less-than any other terms in technology contracts. Few contract-drafters can answer indemnity-related challenges with confidence and clarity, and many accept indemnity terms full of unseen problems and risks. This simple, 45-page guide fills that gap in our knowledge and confidence. Written by the author of the ABA's bestseller, The Tech Contracts Handbook, this practical e-book gives you the tools to draft and negotiate indemnities in software licenses, cloud computing agreements, and other IT contracts. The Tech Indemnities Pocket Guide uses simple English, without technical or legal jargon, like a good contract. Yet it provides an authoritative, in-depth examination of indemnity clauses-for everyone from the most senior attorney to the most junior contract manager. The Pocket Guide gives you a critical advantage when negotiating indemnities: knowledge and the ability to boil the issues down to bare bones-to the business issues at stake behind the terms. This e-book covers several core issues, including: ?Indemnity basics ?IP indemnities, including their many exceptions ?Data incident indemnities ?Indemnities about personal injury, property damage, employee claims, and more ?Indemnities granted customers and distributors, as well as tech providers ?The "cause problem": a little-known trap lurking beneath many indemnities in IT contracts

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