Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain Revolution

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Brendan January
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In January 2009, a mysterious software developer, Satoshi Nakamoto, exchanged a specially designed code with another developer. The code was a digital currency that Nakamoto had proposed several months before in a paper titled "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System." This was the first Bitcoin transaction. Since then, Bitcoin has become the face of a tech revolution in digital cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology. Its success has sparked a tech revolution that could fundamentally change global economics. Author Brendan January delves into the world of coders, libertarians, criminals, financial regulators, and crypto-detectives to understand what digital cryptocurrencies have to offer, their limitations and potential pitfalls, security issues, and how they may affect government and financial regulations in the future.

The definitive book on blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and how it will fundamentally change our lives. The End of Money is an essential introduction to cryptocurrencies and the blockchain revolution, which has been hailed as the greatest advancement since the invention of the Internet.. Murder for hire.

Money laundering. These might sound like plot lines of a thriller, but they are true stories from ... Free Documentary on Crypto Currencies and Blockchain technology: Switzerland and the Crypto Revolution (2019) - How the Banks and Governments will be Reborn.... Fast forward and Crypto has become much more than just an alternative financial vehicle.