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Shasha Onyx, Rita Onyx
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In Book Fifteen, Shiloh and Shasha go on a space adventure chasing aliens across the galaxy to recover Shiloh's favorite toy that was stolen by planet bandits! These aren't just any planet bandits, these are creatures that no one would believe existed. Shiloh chases them back to their planet with the help of his friends and discovers a world that is beyond his imagination. Will Shiloh be able to find his stolen treasure before it gets lost in space forever? Onyx Kids Adventures is a funny and thrilling illustrated kid book series from the original series Onyx Kids and Onyx Family on Onyx Flix and YouTube. Onyx Kids chronicles the adventures of brother and sister, Shiloh and Shasha, and their entire Onyx Family. The Onyx Kids encounter spooky creatures, crazy teachers, and weird friends who somehow all end up at the Onyx House where all the comedy and drama ensue. Shasha Onyx is an innovative young author and one of the original stars of the Onyx Family. She loves entertaining children with fun creative stories that entertain and inspire children of all ages. Rita Onyx is the author of Onyx Kids School Days and other book series in the Onyx world.

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