Powerful Ideas of Science and How to Teach Them

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Jasper Green
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A bullet dropped and a bullet fired from a gun will reach the ground at the same time. Plants get the majority of their mass from the air around them, not the soil beneath them. A smartphone is made from more elements than you. Every day, science teachers get the opportunity to blow students' minds with counter-intuitive, crazy ideas like these. But getting students to understand and remember the science that explains these observations is complex. To help, this book explores how to plan and teach science lessons so that students and teachers are thinking about the right things - that is, the scientific ideas themselves. It introduces you to 13 powerful ideas of science that have the ability to transform how young people see themselves and the world around them. Each chapter tells the story of one powerful idea and how to teach it alongside examples and non-examples from biology, chemistry and physics to show what great science teaching might look like and why. Drawing on evidence about how students learn from cognitive science and research from science education, the book takes you on a journey of how to plan and teach science lessons so students acquire scientific ideas in meaningful ways. Emphasising the important relationship between curriculum, pedagogy and the subject itself, this exciting book will help you teach in a way that captivates and motivates students, allowing them to share in the delight and wonder of the explanatory power of science.

Topics. Apps [11] Agriculture [3] Art [13] Augmented Reality [4] AussieED [1] Awards [12] Big ... Throughout teaching sequences it is useful to revisit misconceptions and remind pupils of what they thought at the beginning, getting them to revisit these early ideas and acknowledge any changes in their thinking.

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