The Purrfect Stranger

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Bianca D'Arc
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A blind date could just be the love her life... Valerie Faber comes from a long line of magic users of incredible power. Clan Faber is so skilled, they teach other mages how to use their abilities. All, except for Valerie. What little power she does have seems to be in the realm of house pets and familiars. Not very useful to a Clan used to epic abilities. Keith is a werecougar with a mixed heritage that makes him a little different from the rest of his Clan. He's overcome it all to become the local Alpha, but he hasn't yet found the woman who can make him purr in human form. A blind date brings them together, though rarely do shifters mix with mages. After a tempestuous night together, Keith is hot on Valerie's trail - with the help of her feline friends and a little interference from a well-meaning family member. He'll do anything to keep Valerie in his life, including stalking her in Clan Faber's magical fortress. Please Note: This story was originally published as part of a Valentine's Day promotion with limited availabilty in 2012. It has been re-edited for this wider release, given a new cover and ISBN number. This story is related to the Redstone Clan series of novels and takes place before the first book, according to the internal chronology of the stories. The Redstone Clan series consist of: Redstone Clan Book 1 - Grif Redstone Clan Book 2 - Red Redstone Clan Book 3 - Magnus Redstone Clan Book 4 - Bobcat Redstone Clan Book 5 - Matt

Keith Redstone is a werecougar on the prowl who's a little different from the rest of his Clan. The Purrfect Stranger. by Bianca D'Arc.

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