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She's loved him all her life. Lady Elise Halden knows how to get a horse to bend to her will with a gentle touch and subtle coaxing. But she's learning that bringing the new Earl of Camden to heel is nothing like training a horse. If she has any hope of reining in the Earl's affections, she will need a plan. With help from her friend Lady Beverly, and her sister-in-law the Duchess, Elise sets out to win her indifferent Earl's heart. He's admired her from a respectable distance. As young men, Michael Brightman and his best friend swore sisters were off limits. This promise was made solely to protect his own sisters from his friend's charming, rakehell ways. The Duke of Caversham's little sister was always a precocious minx to avoid, till one day Michael realizes Lady Elise is all grown up and the things he wants to do with the lady are surely going to upset the friendship with her brother. Together they discover that physical evidence doesn't equate truth and trusting the heart is sometimes the hardest lesson to learn.

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